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Be sure to check out "5 Questions with Ben Glover" here ! Ben discusses his upcoming album "Atlantic" with Noisetrade's Kelly McCartney

Check out our good friend Mary Gauthier's new album "Trouble and Love" which is released on 10th June. Two of the songs, "Another Train" and "Oh Soul" were co-written by Ben and Mary.

We are excited to announce that Ben has signed with Lo-Fi Music for exclusive representation in the US for music licensing for Film & Television.

Ben recently completed a side project with "The Orphan Brigade." The band, which consists of Ben, Neilson Hubbard, Josh Britt & Dean Marold (from The Farewell Drifters), Kim Richey, Dan Mitchel Kris and Heather Donegan, spent four days recording in civil war era house in Kentucky. Stay tuned for more information. 

Ben's new record, "Atlantic" will be released worldwide on September 1.

Ben's song "Whatever Happens Will" has been chosen by Coca-Cola for use in their upcoming ad campaigns in Latin America.

Ben recently had several songs placed in Sky TV's "Stella," starring Ruth Jones. The songs will run through several episodes during the season. 


Oh Soul (w/Mary Gauthier)

Whatever Happens Will

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