AmericanaUK review: "A film, a soundtrack and an history project. Americana's most interesting release of 2015?"

'The Orphan Brigade: Soundtrack to a Ghost Story' has as an interesting background story as you can get for a record. Recorded in a Confederate plantation house in Kentucky, producer Neilson Hubbard and musicians including Ben Glover, Joshua Britt and Gretchen Peters moved in to write songs and record amongst the ghosts of the Orphan Brigade, which was the nickname given to the First Kentucky Brigade who fought during the American Civil War. The mixture of historical research and modern day songwriting often produces some interesting projects across the folk and Americana world.
Sheffield's Payroll Union produced an American research based record recently too and in both releases one gets a sense of the voices of the past and artists exploring the great tradition of story songs. 'The Orphan Brigade' is a ghostly story only in that it looks back at ancestors long dead. Listeners will not find a timely Halloween treat here but rousting shanty reels in 'Cursed be the Wanderer' to hooky Americana in 'We were Marching on Christmas Day' and Waterboys inspired fiddle folk in 'Trouble my Heart (oh Harriet)'. This record encompasses more than simply a collection of songs. Engage in the story, in the location and the spirits of those Kentucky Boys who marched for the Southern way of life nearly one hundred and fifty years ago."
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