Atlantic earns 5 stars from Maverick Magazine

An incredible, haunting album inspired by country and blues legends and the American South. 

Singer-songwriter Ben Glover has that rare quality of making you stop in your tracks and listen to his every word as you're transported to another time and place entirely.  Glover launches into Atlantic with a distinctive raspy, raw voice and takes the audience down a road of Southern blues, love and loss, redemption, heartache and haunting ballads right to the very end. Adding to the overall quality is the collaboration on a number of tracks by Nashville singer/songwriters Mary Gauthier and Gretchen Peters. 

Glover grew up in the seaside village of Glenarm in the North of Ireland and relocated to Nashville in 2009. He soon set about immersing himself in the world of his musical heroes, once spending the afternoon in Johnny Cash's childhood home and visiting the grave of Hank Williams in Alabama. 

But it was a trip up the Mississippi Delta to blues legend Robert Johnson's grave that the foundations for Atlantic were formed. He decided he would write an album that connected his "two worlds" - Nashville and Ireland. 

The resulting album is a deep, earthy, Southern gothic blend of storytelling of another time. "Oh Soul," written with Gauthier, is a deep, haunting blues number but he then switches things up and performs the classic country inspired "True Love's Breaking My Heart".

The stand out murder ballad "Blackbirds," written and performed with Gretchen Peters, is an amazing tale told with heartfelt grit and emotion that will give you chills. Other impressive traces include the beautiful love song "The Mississippi Turns Blue," the more up beat "Take and Pay" and the spirited and moving "Sing a Song Boys." All pretty incredible considering the album was helped along the way by a kickstarter campaign and was recorded live in the living room of Glover's house in Ballyliffin, Co, Donegal, Ireland.

This gifted performer will be heading out on UK tour dates with Mary Gauthier in October. Don't miss it!  - Megan Gnad

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