Ben and Stuart Bailie Visit Manuel

From Stuart's Blog...

Manuel Arturo José Cuevas Martinez makes bespoke clothing for Jack White, Kid Rock, the Killers and Bob Dylan. His style is western extrovert, adorned with magical motifs and startling colours. Back in the day he worked for the famous Nudie Cohn, but he has clearly developed his own legend, working into his senior years and name-checking Keith Richards, the Grateful Dead and the old greats like Porter Wagoner.

He has still heaps of that Mexican charm and his studio in Nashville is adorned with letters from Ronald Regan and images of his old work with Gram Parsons - the legendary suit worn on 'The Gilded Palace Of Sin'. He smiles when you mentioned the ruckus it caused and you feel that the guy's astonishing energy will be stitched into many more ensembles.

Here's a picture of himself, myself and Ben Glover. The latter you may know as a talented Antrim boy now working in Nashville and who was set to buy an impressive black suit until the price tag almost caused a fainting fit. Some day fella, you will wear those duds with pride.


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