Concert Review - Glee Club, Nottingham 16 Nov '10

"That fine Louisiana singer and guitarist Mary Gauthier

christened the classy new music room at the

Glee Club with an act that touched all the emotions.


Adoption's a more emotive subject than most, and Gauthier distils painful attempts to contact her long-lost natural mother in her latest album The Foundling. If we'd come feeling good, she remarked, we'd leave feeling grateful. But an impish grin accompanied the comment.


Indeed, Gauthier became a top songwriter because she doesn't wallow in self-pity. She observes herself and others with shrewd understanding. Every life is a story worth telling: Gauthier tells it in words that are crisp and music that makes it all bearable.


Her narrative of the hobo king illustrated both the sympathy and the humour.


Gauthier's voice, low and expressive, was partnered by the gorgeous 5-stringed fiddle and ardent harmony singing of Canadian musician Tania Elizabeth. An instrumental solo nearly brought the house down.


Of several requests gladly accorded, Mercy Now served as the memorable finale, Drag Queens in Limousines providing a spirited encore.

Ben Glover, who wrote Full Moon Child with Gauthier, paved the way for her set. From Northern Ireland but now working in Nashville, Glover has been called the Irish Bruce Springsteen, and the tag is not undeserved.

The evening's one technical hitch was Elizabeth's misbehaving mic stand, quickly sorted. The Glee Club promises to be a paradise for songwriters – and a very agreeable rendezvous for their fans."
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