"Do We Burn The Boats? Is An Absolute Triumph"

"Ben Glover’s new album Do We Burn The Boats? is an absolute triumph. The Antrim-born, Nashville-based musician has excelled himself with this collection of beautifully crafted and elegantly produced songs that are both heartfelt and captivating.

This is an album you can leave on from top to bottom without thetemptation to jump to the next track, such is the effortlessly smooth flow throughout. There is a very wholesome and timeless feel to Ben’s material the tracks could have been released in almost any decade and possess a very welcome ‘unfashionable’ quality. There is no attempt to slot in to a current trend or even the slightest tendency to veer from the song’s intended path at any time. This gimmick-free approach and focused discipline ensure that we are treated to an extremely authentic and valid record with the artistic emphasis firmly on lyrical prowess and attention to melodic detail.

Kicking off with the sparkling Whatever Happens Will with its delectable gospel backing vocals, traditional organ sounds and instant chorus, Do We Burn The Boats? sets sail across a variety of emotions and narratives with the common denominator being the simple but highly effective hook boasted by every song.

Meandering through the countrified blues of Memo and the delicate romance of Do What You Do, the album manages to navigate its way through a range of evocative styles while still managing to maintain its solid identity. The songs have their own personalities but are very much co- dependent as part of a bigger picture, ganging up to present a united front in what is a seriously strong line up. I’ve always thought that truly great albums whether it’s The Beatles’ Revolver, Led Zeppelin 2 or U2’s Achtung Baby – always sound like every single track was recorded in one afternoon in one room. That ethos would seem to have been applied in this case. There are undoubted influences on parade here as with every songwriter that ever picked up an acoustic guitar and began to write from the heart. I can hear Bob Dylan make a few appearances, particularly on the first half of Break Away, while echoes of Bruce Springsteen resound on Rampart Street and strains of Tom Petty emanate from the highly infectious War To Believe. Other creative forces that spring to mind throughout the record include Lou Reed and Paul Simon.
Such comparisons are obviously positive to be influenced by these artists is akin to simply being influenced by music itself.
There are plenty of highlights on this opus which makes selecting a ‘favourite’ a fairly difficult task but Uncomplicated is one of the most complete songs I have heard this year. From the first drum sound to the gentle hum of the closing chord, this track encapsulates everything Ben Glover has achieved with Do We Burn The Boats? and is a very accurate calling card in describing him as an artist. The song’s title also perfectly sums up this extremely laudable and deceptively addictive album."

- John Kearns - The Irish News (15 June 2012

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