Early Review of "Do We Burn The Boats?"


Ben Glover, seems to spend more time in his spiritual home of Nashville these days than in his real home in North Antrim.

It's a worthwhile sacrifice (if indeed living in Nashville could ever be classed a "sacrifice") for he keeps producing polished albums, the result of working with top musicians and producers.

Latest offering Do We Burn The Boats? is another great showcase for the Glenarm man's talents. Though he seems to have eschewed the more obvious Bruce Springsteen references in favour of more straightfoward country-rock there are still trace elements present.

War To Believe (All This Time) shares some of his bombast albeit in a low-key manner. Ultimate was most taken with the light country stomp of Memo, howver, with its hints, somehow, of Paul Simon, KT Tunstall (at least in the woo-hoos), Villagers, perhaps, and even some, gulp, Coldplay. It's a strangely satisfying mix.

Final track Rampart Street nods back to Nebraska-era Boss though, and there's no shame in that - even if you Burn The Boats, there's no point in burning the bridges as well... (Daily Mirror UK)

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