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"Ben Glover is a singer/songwriter from County Antrim in Northern Ireland but he also spends time in Nashville. I discovered Ben several months ago when I downloaded his song Where the Lines Are at the NI Charts site. I became an instant fan so I was happy to be asked to review his album.

This, his second album, was recorded in Nashville and you can detect that wonderful mellow realism that is part of the city’s style throughout. The songs have great lyrics. They spin intimate tales of dreamers, lovers and all of those who have reached the point in life where they realize that fabled happy ending may not happen but they keep going anyway. The tunes are catchy and the mood is upbeat not angsty, even when things are not going the way the subject of the song may have hoped. These are songs people can identify with which just adds to the enjoyment of listening to them.

I’d have a hard time picking just one favorite track. The first song Full Moon Child draws you and each of the songs that follow tightens the hold on your attention. I Am, You Are is a cometary on how we, as humans, are losing touch with our fellow humans in this busy world. These are songs of love, of regrets, of all the things that make up life. Great writers don’t really show us a light, they show us a mirror and that reflection is what is really enlightening. Ben Glover is one of those writers.

I urge you to go to Ben’s myspace page and listen to his music. You too will become and instant fan. You will be hearing lots more from this singer/songwriter."

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