Fatea Magazine review of The Emigrant

"Irish born and now Nashville based singer-songwriter Ben Glover has been going through the process of getting his US Green Card over the past two years and tells us the 'reality of immigration was very present in my world'. This is eloquently captured in the PR material that accompanied his CD which says 'When an ocean separates the two halves of your whole, it's worthy of contemplation. For Ben Glover that consideration comes in the form of his new album, The Emigrant, which folds his two worlds into one'. 
Ben relocated to Nashville in 2009 and had a solo album out in 2014, but has also made a name for himself as a 'co- writer' of note. Most obviously, this has been with Mary Gauthier and Gretchen Peters and with Peters, he won the International Song of the Year at the 2016 Americana Awards with 'Blackbirds'. For his album 'The Emigrant', the themes of searching, identity and home predominate in a continually restless fashion. Accordingly, Ben finds songs from all sorts of places, Traditional arrangements, more contemporary covers, co and solo writes, all unified by the sentiments at the heart of each number." Read the review in full here 


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