Folk And Tumble blog features The Orphan Brigade

"Something in these songs left me feeling unsettled and uncertain. They instilled, consciously or not, a state of unrest – I would flit from one to t’other. Maybe it was the October full moon in Taurus on the nights that I tuned in, or maybe, it was that this artistic collective had captured full force the rattling, haunting, raw emotion – and exposed it for time in memorium – like extreme unction in reverse, exorcised in chords and words exhumed but never spoken.I can’t deny, something surrounding The Orphan Brigade gave me chills. A self-confessed sensitive sort, at times I was sure my blood was curdling. War, the very thought of it, the fear and futility, both turns my blood cold and makes it boil. These sentiments are captured with purity and stark reality throughout..." Read the review in full here

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