Irish Times - Atlantic review

"The Atlantic separates Ireland and the US, but it also connects them. Antrim singer-songwriter Ben Glover, who relocated to Nashville in 2009, prefers the concept of connectedness, the fertile commingling of Irish and American influences. A while ago Glover returned with friends to his childhood holiday home in Ballyliffin, Co Donegal. There, in the front room facing on to the ocean, they recorded this outstanding collection steeped in country soul. Atlantic was inspired by a visit to the Mississippi grave of the great bluesman Robert Johnson. The intense Oh Soul marks that event, and a general sense of anxiety and reflection pervades the album. Neilson Hubbard’s sparse production balances this with moments of dark angular beauty. It was obviously a magical time; the singing, the songs and the playing combine to make this Glover’s most satisfying work."
**** (4 out of 5 stars)
(by Joe Breen)

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