New Song Featured on MMXINI Double Album for SXSW

MMXINI – The Album

Northern Ireland has produced an extraordinary amount of internationally renowned artists across the years:

  • Van Morrison’s reputation as a songwriter and performer is second to none.
  • David Holmes continues to produce and compose some of Hollywood’s most captivating movie soundtracks.
  • The Undertones released some of the most infectious punk pop records of all time.
  • Snow Patrol have proved to be one of the 21st Century’s hottest international acts. Now 2 Door Cinema Club are following closely on their heels.

We celebrate this wonderful heritage and work with those who will follow in their footsteps – the new musicians, writers, performers and music entrepreneurs who will capture the world’s imagination.


About this CD


This double album has been compiled to highlight the extraordinary creativity, confidence and individuality of the current crop of music makers from Northern Ireland.


The White Album


The White album showcases bands and artists who above all are master songwriters – mostly genre defying but displaying pop craft and lyrical sharpness, often with ‘more than a nod’ to folk and roots influences.

It should come as no surprise that many of the artists have had previous recordings and compositions synchronised in international film, television and advertisements – and we would anticipate multi media placements for many of the tracks on this album. 

"You Are The Same as the Tide" from the upcoming release "Before the Birds" is featured on the "White" album.

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