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Really great talent will sooner or later the success he deserves and this certainly applies to the Irish singer - songwriter Ben Glover talent. Step by step scrapes he certainly continue in his songs and music, and today we here the handsome result of listening, his fourth album, "Do We Burn The Boats", where Ben's beautiful, from 2011 dating album "Before The Birds" remember to surpass. We were deeply impressed by this young man from Glenarm, a village near Belfast, when his last album live in the proposed program for the famous singer - songwriter Mary Gauthier. Apparently this also applies to her because she wrote with him the song "Rampart Street" for his new album, which again was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, under the watchful eye of producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Neilson Hubbard and a strong team of nine musicians.

Being stronger is the motto of Ben Glover and once again several songs co-written with other songwriters, the main player Neilson Hubbard. Also contributing vocally all these people do their bit, resulting in a series of beautiful melodies that extra strength from the beautiful harmonies. "We Burn The Boats" has ten songs that the reputation of Ben Glover playing opposite Ryan Adams, David Gray or Bruce Springsteen homage to him easily and at the same level of lifting these top artists. The exquisite and varied extra padding instrumental with piano, organ, mandolin, ukulele, violin, cello, electric guitar or lap steel lift the songs to a higher level of detail.

"Do We Burn The Boats" is overall a summer sounding album, with outliers the uptempo opener with the fatalistic title "Whatever Happens Will", a song that surely Tom Petty would please and with the powerful chorus even more power allotted will refrein.Ook in the radio-friendly sing-along "Memo" and the powerful electric guitar and slide guitar rocker dammed country in Bruce style "War To Believe (All This Time)" may we classify in this category. Superb referring to another great British talent, Ben Howard, sounds "A Thousand Suns", with its handclap percussion, warm harmonies and sprightly mandolin tropical Afro-Caribbean breeze from late blow.

The album also has some haunting ballads like the powerful, accompanied by electric guitar and piano "Break Away", where David Gray and Roy Orbison shake hands or fragile and tender waltz "Do What You Do", which, like the sad "No Means Yes" Ryan Adams feelings bubbling up late. The final topper "Rampart Street", leave the Marie Gauthier lump in the throat and builds nicely, with a modest balance of organic sounding acoustic instruments like guitar, cello and cutting violin of the talented Tania Elizabeth, who eventually ardent support getting an epic Grol different electric guitar.

With "Do We Burn The Boats", the eyes of the public finally open for one of the most talented song Smids of the young generation, Ben Glover. The way his Irish singer - songwriter roots Americana with vivid and original crosses, since we can only salvation and Nashville tricks and deserves attention. His third album "Before The Birds" was well hit but "Do We Burn The Boats" must continue to kick hit.

Yvo fibers (Roots Time)

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