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Mary Gauthier turns up, too, on another fine slice of Americana - this time by Northern Ireland's Ben Glover. He recorded the album Do We Burn The Boats? in Nashville - and you might struggle to identify too much of an home accent from the former law student from Glenarm in Antrim.

This fourth album from Glover is an assured and convincing one. Whatever Happens Will has a catchy charm and the gentle pulse of A Thousand Sins is beguiling. The violin playing of Tania Elizabeth on Rampart Street (a song Glover co-wrote with Gauthier) is up to her usual classy standard and it's a fine song all round. There must be something about that location, because Chuck Berry once wrote a song called Right Off Rampart Street. Glover has produced a very solid and enjoyable album with No Means Yes having shades of an on-form Ryan Adams. 

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