The Telegraph (UK) gives "Atlantic" 4 out of 5 stars!

"Ben Glover's fifth solo album, Atlantic, opens with a short and sharp treat called This World Is A Dangerous Place, a song co-written with the talented Rod Picott. It sets the tone for a classy ride on all 11 tracks.
I enjoyed Glover's previous album, Do We Burn the Boats?, but there is a maturity and conviction to this album that makes it a step up.The songs were written in America but recorded on the Donegal coast (the picture on the album cover is of Ballyliffin beach) and Glover, a former law student from Glenarm in Antrim, achieves his aim of bridging his two homes – his birthplace of Northern Ireland and Nashville, where he has lived since 2009 – and bringing together two musical worlds. Atlantic blends blues and soul with folk and country, and there is a good variety to the songs, from the mournful How Much Longer Can We Bend? to the joyful Sing a Song Boys.

Glover sings with real spark and there are a pair of fine duets with Gretchen Peters (Blackbirds and the co-written Mississippi Turns Blue) and a song written with Mary Gauthier. Oh Soul, a superb song of redemption, was on Gauthier's recent album Trouble and Love. "Mary and Gretchen are High Priestesses of songwriting," said Glover, who has made a very good album."
**** (4 out of 5 stars)
(by Martin Chilton)

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