Ben's three weeks back in N. Ireland have been filled with radio visits, concerts, and interviews. Since the launch of his fourth album "Do We Burn The Boats?" Ben has played four straight sell out shows and tickets are going very quickly for the remaining dates on the books with Anthony Toner and Bap Kennedy.

A big thanks goes out to all of those at radio who have embraced "Do We Burn The Boats?"  Ben has visited with Ralph McLean, Alan Simpson, Gerry Anderson, John Kearns, Caroline Fleck and John Breslin on air. "Whatever Happens Will" has been playlisted by BBC Radio Ulster and "War to Believe (All This Time)" has been playlisted by Downtown Radio and City Beat.

The new record has recieved great early reviews from "The Irish News," "The Daily Mirror" and has been featured in "The Big List."

The video for the song "Memo"  (youtu.be/20aXzuCAxRA) has enjoyed a great response from viewers and fans. Check it out if you haven't already.

There is early talk of Ben taking the "Do We Burn The Boats?" to several European countries this fall. Keep checking back for dates and confirmations!

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