Album of the Month - 5 Star Review  

"Northern Irish songwriter Glover headed to Nashville to record this his second album. When I read this I normally know what to expect. An identikit country album that rolls off the production line with session musicians who make every record sound the same. Well I have to apologise to Mr Glover for my misguided pre-conceptions as what he has produced is a rich and warm album full of grown up pop melodies that bring to mind a young Bruce Springsteen. Credit must go to Neilson Hubbard for what is a beautifully produced album.

Album opener Full Moon Child is a deceptive one. It is so laid back it just washes over you only to find that you are humming it 5 mins later. Things really get going with the wonderful Monument Green, a song that has hit written all over it. Glover shows here that he has a firm grasp of what makes a catchy pop song. There are comparisons with David Gray in the whole vibe and feel of this album and none more so on the dreamy Where The Lines Are. The Hot is another song that hooks you in without knowing it, but believe me you will not get the tune out of your head. A perfect summer feel good song.

 It is fair to say that this is a mighty fine piece of work. As the saying goes no fillers, all killers. I'm sure that stardom in his native Ireland is assured and with songs of the quality of First Chance For Second Tries he deserves it. Remember the name. He is going to be massive."

BMI/ Hit Sheet Showcase London 

Ben has been invited to perform at the BMI/ Hit Sheet Magazine Showcase on May 26th in London. The monthly industry showcase takes place at the Cobdon Club and features the best of emerging UK artists. 

Lightning 100 Interview/Performance 

Ben and producer Neilson Hubbard recently stopped in WRLT Lightning 100 Studios in Nashville for an interview and live performance with David Hooper. Hooper is the host of the popular radio program "Music Business Radio". Ben and Neilson discussed the making of "Through The Noise, Through The Night" as well as the international music scene. Stay tuned for air dates!

Recap of Trip to the States 

Ben has just returned to N Ireland after spending two months in Nashville, TN. While in the States, Ben performed at SXSW in Austin, TX. He spent a great deal of his time writing for his next record, successfully penning 16 new songs. While he wasn't working on his project he was helping fellow artist Kaci Bolls write for her new record as well as play guitar and sing on her new record. Ben did manage to take a bit of time off for a trip to New Orleans, LA where he shot the video for "A Little Less Blue" in the historic French Quarter. He also tried his hand at being a true man of the Bayou by taking a trip into the swamp in Manchac, LA where he was entertained and slightly uneasy with the sightings of 13 alligators.

The Big Easy 

Ben is packing his bags for his first trip to New Orleans, LA to shoot the video for his song, "A Little Less Blue". The video, which will be shot in the historic French Quarter, is set to be released in May.


Ben's bags are packed and he will be boarding a plane to Austin, TX tomorrow morning for South By Southwest. He will be performing at the "Belfast Unplugged" Showcase on Friday with fellow N Ireland acts Anthony Toner and Eilidh Patterson as well as Austin's Kimmie Rhodes.


Two songs from the new album are currently on the A-Playlists of three leading N.Ireland radio stations. Belfast Citybeat have recently added "Monument Green' to their A-playlist, while Downtown radio have had the same song on their A-list list since mid-January. The song "Where The Lines Are" has been on the BBC Radio Ulster playlist since the beginning of February. Thanks to all the radio stations in NI for their fantastic support!