Galway Bay FM Visit 

Be sure to tune in on Friday, August 5 between 3-5 pm to catch Ben chatting with Jon Richards on Galway Bay FM. They will be catching up and spinning Ben's latest single "Trick of the Light

Another great review of "Before the Birds" 

I think it is fair to say Ben Glover is the next big thing to come from Northern Ireland, even though listening to him you would think he is the next great American singer song writer.  However, he is up there with all the best including the likes of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.  Although stylistically he is quite similar to Ryan Adams, no not the Summer of 69 kid but rather the prolific Alt. Country singer song writer.  If you don’t know him get to!  Anyway Before the Birds is a beautiful record that has Glover take us on a magical journey filled with ups, downs and some amazing lyrics.  The album is honest and refreshing and makes listening to it an absolute delight.  It is fair to say that Glover has really captured his sound with this release.  Almost Home is a stand out track and is one any commuter will be able to appreciate.  It starts soft and progresses nicely, building as it goes. To Believe is a country ballad without the over the top cheese slide guitar that most Irish country artists on TG4 tend to over use.  Any Other Way is a Ryan Adams-esque love song that he would be proud to say is his.  It is heartfelt and honest.  A nice break from the dance-pop-club albums that tend to be dominating radio play. -

West Coast Trip in Full Force 

Ben's first trip to the West Coast has been a busy one. He landed in Los Angeles on Sunday evening and by early Monday morning he was on the the go. His first day on the ground included meetings in Santa Monica, a photo shoot in Hollywood with the fabulous Erica Lowe and then straight to headline a gig at Los Angeles' prestigious Hotel Cafe. Ben will be spending the entire week on the West Coast with Sara Griggs from Green Room Artist Relations, then back to Nashville for a few days before he returns to Ireland. Meanwhile, back in the Republic of Ireland, the single "Trick of the Light" has been enjoying early success at radio and has already been featured on RTE Radio 1,  Galway Bay FM and many other regional stations in the South.

New Review of "Before the Birds" - Mutant Space 

Ben Glover has been compelled to write songs since his mid-teens growing up in County Antrim, Northern Ireland when he was awoken and unsettled by Bob Dylan. Armed with a law degree from Queens University Belfast he put his legal ambitions on hold to pursue a career in music. That career got its start with Glover’s debut outing, The Week The Clocks Changed, produced by J.D. Foster (Calexico, Richmond Fontaine) and featuring guest appearances by A-list roots music artists including; Jim Lauderdale, Buddy Miller and Vince Gill. Through the Noise, through the Night, followed in 2009, which was produced by Neilson Hubbard (Kim Richey, Matthew Perryman Jones, Glen Phillips) and drew rave reviews and comparisons to the likes of Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen

Relocating to Nashville in ‘09 — to summon the spirits of great songwriters that came before him; Hank, Willie, Cash and Kristofferson, Glover began penning new tunes with some of Music Row’s finest including acclaimed singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier. His second record Through the Noise, Through the Night was filled with soul-moving melodies that linger and stir.

Now comes his 2011 outing, Before the Birds, again produced by Neilson Hubbard and recorded in Nashville.

Glover’s sound has since evolved. After three albums, the singer songwriter has found his musical balance and has stepped up the mark by creating a sound that is self assured and confident in its structure, composition and overall feel.

The production although masterful, has an organic presence that sits very well with the singers Springsteenesque grovel. The album contains 10 tracks that sit evenly well aside each other. Stand out tracks include lead single ‘Trick of the light’, that one would assume can accompany any film landscape. It’s just crying out for a sync. Other tracks of note include: ‘I am with you’, ‘Any Other way’ and ‘the banjo lead Lockdown’ are just great.

This is Glover’s second album working with the producer Neilson Hubbard and it’s the most personal record he has made. This is what happens when a damn fine producer creates a trusting environment that allows the artist to throw out ideas and try new things. And it has been most successful here on this record. It’s easy to see how the trusting relationship afforded Ben the space to explore and make quiet possibly the best record of his career. Well worth the listen, and after one listen it just grows on you and becomes an old friend. A stunning album.

Trick of the Light 

Ben has teamed up with Good Seed PR (Duran Duran, Suzanne Vega, Marilyn Manson, Eleanor McEvoy) to release "Before the Birds" in the Republic of Ireland. "I've always respected Linda Coogan Byrneand the team at Good Seed PR and I'm excited about the opportunity to work with them," says Ben. "They have such a passion for the music they represent and I'm honored to be included in their roster of great bands."  The single "Trick of the Light" is being shipped to radio this week. The official add date for the single is Aug. 26 and release for the album is Sept. 9th. To listen to the single, follow this link!

Back in the studio  

Ben is heading back to the studio with Neilson next week to cut a remix version of "I Am With    You"  and is also record a new song called, "Whatever Happens Will". "I love being in the studio and I'm looking forward to getting in there and laying down these new ideas. The songs seem to come to me faster than I can get in the studio," says Ben. "I'm especially excited about " Whatever Happens Will."  I tried that out on the road for the past few months and the response was really overwhelming.

Maverick Magazine gives "Before The Birds" 4 stars 

“Probably his truest and most honest album to date"

With two quality albums already under his belt, Ben Glover has decided to strip the sound right back, putting the reliance firmly on his vocals and the value of the songs. Produced again by Neilson Hubbard who was at the helm on THROUGH THE NOISE, THROUGH THE NIGHT this album has Ben Glover evolving into a very accomplished artist. Tracks such as the peaceful Song Of A Caged Bird Singing with its gorgeous lyrics and the more beat-driven You Are The Same As The Tide show the quality of both Ben’s singing and his songwriting. Radio 2 needs to be aware of this album as tracks such as the tender and expressive Trick Of The Light could be a hit with the listeners, especially on the Bob Harris and Alex Lester Shows. This is a good strong Americana album from a fine singer-songwriter.” 
- David Knowles

Radio Appearances 

Ben will be appearing live on a number of Northern Ireland radio programmes over the next week. He will be talking about his upcoming Irish gigs (The Black Box, Belfast on 10th June & Flowerfield, Portstewart on 11th June) as well as playing new music from "Before The Birds." Tune in and catch Ben on the following -
Monday 6th June: BBC Radio Ulster - The Late Show With Stuart Bailie @ 10pm
Tuesday 7th June: Downtown Radio - The Caroline Fleck Show @ 12pm
Wednesday 9th June: U105 - The Johnny Hero Show @ 4pm
Friday 10th June: BBC Radio Ulster - Arts Extra @ 6.30pm

"Before the Birds" - Album of the Month 

Before The Birds is Glover's follow up to the hugely impressive Through The Noise, Through The Night which was our album of the month for May 2010, so it was always going to be a hard task to match its quality. Glover again went to Nashville to record with producer Nelson Hubbard. This is obviously a fruitful relationship that the pair posses as Before The Birds is simply stunning.

The overall vibe of the album is laid back and atmospheric with Glover's voice having developed a slight husky growl that gives his vocals an endearing world weariness. The opening track Trick Of The Light sets the tone for the whole album. The whole approach seems to be that less is more from the sparse instrumentation to the retrained production. The songs are allowed the space to envelope the listener and have a soothing, almost cathartic effect. I Am With You and To Believe, like Trick Of The Light, make nods to Dylan (Bob) in their structure and approach but Glover's voice is far more appealing than his Bobness's nasal tones.

The wonderful Almost Home and Song Of A Caged Bird Singing are things of rare beauty, like the type of songs that Springsteen was capable of in the early 80's with Nebraska. The pop feel of Lockdown is toned down by the interaction of banjo and hammond but it is still perhaps the most radio friendly of all the tracks. My favourite track is also the albums final one. At The Car park is an intensely dark and mesmerising song which reminds me of The Blue Nile and this is perhaps the strength of both this album and Glover himself. His sound has a familiarity to it, like all the best bits of artists he loves, yet he has nailed a sound which is uniquely his.

At only 32 minutes long and 10 songs it is over all to quickly but hey, that is what repeat button is for. With each album release he is laying down a new benchmark for himself which is going to be harder and harder to better. The thing is though, you just know that he will better it, as hard as it is going to be.

Lonesome Highway Review  

The Northern Ireland singer/songwriter now spends the majority of his time in Nashville. This move has paid off on his latest album, third album. Produced by Neilson Hubbard in Nashville it highlights Glover's intimate style of writing and ever assured vocal skill. The musicians here, as you'd expect, are totally in synch with the songs and play there part well, delivering a tasty slice of roots orientated music that is prevalent on the fringes of Music City, if sadly not on the airwaves. Hubbard is joined by a full band who include Eamon McLaughlin on violin and some effective backing vocals from Kaci Bolls. But it's the songs that most albums are about and these are among the best Glover has yet committed to recording. Trick Of The Light opens the album and is soon followed by other songs that seek to define the minutiae of human relationships. A perennial pursuit of the songwriter and one with endless possibilities for perspicuousness. Almost Home delights in ending a journey while Song Of A Caged Bird Signing talks of a restlessness and the need to move on from difficult times and decisions. The album moves between those two reference points of melancholy and manifest good times. Before The Birds is an album that conjures a mood that is best sustained over it's ten tracks, rather than pointing to any single track, though the subtle restraint of the closing song At The Car Park has a haunting quality that last after the album has finished. A new song, yet to be recorded, played at a recent gig points to the fact that Glover is growing and moving forward as a songwriter, but for now this album is a more than satisfactory insight into the music of a talent singer/songwriter who has the ability to capture a mood and moment that will resonate with the attentive listener who will be rewarded for that involvement. - Stephen Rapid (

Net Rhythms Review of Before The Birds 

The Co Antrim songwriter's third album in as many years, like its predecessors it was recorded in Nashville and, like his sophomore release, finds Neilson Hubbard taking care of production duties as well as providing bass, piano, acoustic guitar and four co-writes. Having previously notched up comparisons to Earle, Forbert, Springsteen, Morrison and Gray, while faint traces remain here and there (along with a vague hint of Dylan) this time round he's very much his own voice.

Indeed two of the songs contain specific lines about following your own instincts. On the hushed and dusty slow sway Americana of Trick Of The Light he sings "there's no path to follow, we make our own road" while To Believe, a gently jogging folky number with muted gospel organ backing on the chorus, offers "loosen up your golden chain, follow where your road will lead."

The song itself is about relationships and how sometimes you can only hold on by letting go. And, just as he sings "and while you wander should you wonder just exactly what you need and your heart tells you it's me I hope you find a reason to believe, bring it back to me" so many of the songs here are about building solid relationships, the difficulties of making them work and of the distances that often open up even when the bonds remain connected.

On the jangling mid-tempo You Are The Same As The Tide, one of the many highlights, his lover's "rushing in and pulling away always out when I'm standing on the beach" while the opening line of the chords tumbling Any Other Way declares "you and me we're like a hammer and nail I guess we go together" as he again sings about being there when his lover's done 'flyin 'round'.

Accompanied by a melancholic plucked banjo, the slowly gathering Lockdown will strike a note with anyone who's found it impossible to break through another's self-defensive walls and of the hurt silence can cause. It's a song Tom Petty would have been proud to write.

Sketching pictures, Glover's lyrics are economical and direct, yet emotionally poetic. It's testament to his writing skills and the conviction of his heart that he can write something called Song Of A Caged Bird Singing with a line about a broken wing and soar above the inherent cliches.

Much of the album plays out with simple acoustic melodies, gathering the sadness around the guitar strings and Glover's whispery vocals, the songs suffused with longing, whether it be for home (the dreamy Almost Home with its keening pedal steel) or for contact and communication, beautifully captured in the soulful, flugelhorn-kissed At The Car Park where two souls and the whole word sit lonely in the dark.

Ultimately, though, he's a hopeful romantic. Backed by a Memphis soul late night Hammond organ, on the slow waltzing retro groove Sweet On You, co-written with backing singer Kaci Bolls, he whispers "I think of forever when I think of us.. Stay sweet on me, whatever you do, I'll always want to stay sweet on you."

Take a listen, because this is a musical love affair you'll want to be in for the long haul.

New Review of "Before the Birds" - Fan Realm 

I’ve been enjoying this album for several days now. Ben Glover’s voice is as smooth as chocolate and Before the Birds is as warm and comfortable as your favorite fleece on Saturday morning.

Ben either wrote or co-wrote all the songs and each one is perfect for him. The more you listen to them the more you hear. These are songs about love rather than songs about being in love. You’ll be hooked on them right away. From A Trick of the Light to the atmospheric At The Car Park each one has a story to tell. If I had to pick a favorite it would be a tie between To Believe and You Are The Same As The Tide but I’m certain every listener will find several they connect with and love. This album will mellow out even the toughest commute. It’s is a must have.

Belfast Show Sold Out 

Ben's show with Mary Gauthier in Belfast is sold out. For those who were unable to get tickets be sure to catch Ben's return June 10 at the Black Box.  Also check out this preview for the show in East Grinstead at Chequer Mead Arts Centre on April 28th.

...Support for the show is Ben Glover, an Irish singer-songwriter based mainly in Nashville, whose debut 2009 album was our 'best of the year' (and his latest in heading for a similar accolade). We've been trying to book a gig with Ben for 3 years, so finally we get to see him play, alongside an artist who he has worked with in the last year, including co-writing songs.

Stuart Bailie Blog/Playlist 

"In the second hour, I put out an interview with
Ben Glover, recorded in Nashville a few weeks ago. The guy is currently in excellent form and third album 'Before The Birds' is full of skill and heart and illumination. If 'I Am With You' doesn't blossom into classic status, then the world is terribly wrong. " - Stuart Bailie BBC

For the full playlist and link to interview click

New Record Out Today 

Ben's third studio release "Before the Birds" becomes available for purchase today! The album features 10 songs written or co-written by Ben and includes the highly anticipated "I Am With You." "Before the Birds was recorded in Nashville with Neilson Hubbard and can be purchased here on the website (US only) and through I Tunes, CD BABY and Amazon. com.

New Review of "Before the Birds"  

Ben Glover Before the Birds (Independently released CD, Pop)

Whether or not he ever becomes a major celebrity, it won't be because Ben Glover doesn't have the songs or the voice. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, Glover now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Considering the sound of the tunes on Before the Birds we can't help but think that Nashville is a more appropriate place for Ben's music. This is his third album...and it's chock full of the kind of hummable organic Americana-style mid-tempo pop that folks in the United States crave. The songs are somewhat reminiscent of artists like Leonard Cohen, David Gray, and Bob Dylan. Ben writes songs that are instantly warm and hummable...and he has a great understated way of singing that is particularly inviting. Produced by Neilson Hubbard (this guy's name is all over the place these days), Before the Birds is a super satisfying collection of oughta-be hits. Our favorite tracks include "Trick of the Light," "You Are the Same as The Tide," and "At the Car Park."


SOLD OUT - One-off music spectacular as BBC Radio Ulster hosts a live outside broadcast

FLOWERFIELD Arts Centre plays host to a music spectacular on Thursday March 31st, when the venue hosts an outside broadcast from BBC Radio Ulster’s Ralph McLean, featuring some of Northern Ireland’s leading songwriting talent.

Featured in this unique event will be Henry McCullough, Eilidh Patterson, Ben Glover, Anthony Toner, Clive Culbertson and Allie Bradley. In addition to performing solo, many of the performers will be accompanied on some songs by the ‘house band’: Anthony, Clive and pianist John McCullough.

Ralph’s Thursday night 8pm to 10pm show will be broadcast live from Flowerfield on the night. Ralph is one of BBC Radio Ulster’s finest broadcasters. He hosts a number of shows on Radio Ulster, and is famed for his huge knowledge and love of all genres of music.