1. Take And Pay

Written by Ben Glover & Mary Gauthier


Babylon and Sodom fell, Judas ended up in hell
I traded my truth for lies
Dry bones, ash and stone, wasteland, all alone
I lay under a greasy sky
Hog-tied to a crutch, tangled up, out of touch
Crippled by desire
Seduced by debauchery, thinking I was getting free
The beast howled from the fire

Take and pay
Take and pay

I've seen barbed wire behind grins, blood on the back steps
Vanity, deceit and death
I feasted in that wilderness till I had nothing left
Buzzards blackened up my breath
Played shell games, talked low, in the penthouse on skid row
Saw serpents swinging from the trees
Til I woke up in free fall, now I’m learning how to crawl
And work my way back to my knees

I grew tired of hearing my own moans,
We all come from broken homes
Covered scars, regrets and dust
My greed and pride burned a hole
Lust devoured my soul
I couldn't bear the light of love
Sung my victim song, got puffed up with right and wrong
As my eyes and my heart grew dim
If the devil did exist and we gave him just one wish
He’d want us to feel sorry for him